Md State High School Golf Championships!! finished yesterday at Potomac Ridge!! by Charlie Birney
October 22, 2009, 5:40 pm
Filed under: Golf stuff

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch the very end of the Maryland State High School Golf Championships at Potomac Ridge. The place looked amazing, especially with the very full parking lot. But more importantly it reminded me of a music festival, there were people all over the property just hanging out and enjoying a spectacular day. It was fun just driving in and seeing some of the tee shots – the ones I never make!


Mike Harvey and all of the staff at Potomac Ridge do a fantastic job everyday, and it showed perfectly yesterday. I spoke with several coaches as well as a couple of the contestants and everyone was very pleased. These events are the future of golf – these are not only the golfers of tomorrow, but also of today.


To prove my point is the 2nd place winner in the girls’ category, Mckenzie Cutter. Mckenzie is a Junior Member at Potomac Ridge. And she has a fifth, a fourth, and now a second place. Next year – Mike is predicting a first!  She is the one all the way to the right in this picture. I spoke to Mckenzie and some of the other girls and they were all very nice and very professional. It is inspiring (ok, also scary) to watch them golf!

 scoreThanks to Mike and John and all the staff for a great event and for being strong advocates of youth golf. This was a special event for us and for all of the families and especially the competitors.



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Those kids can play. One of the juniors from my club came in fourth.

Comment by Josh Rivers

Honestly, Josh, it was so much fun just to watch them hit the ball!

Comment by Charlie

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